• I began playing an accordion in March 2013. The encounter with an accordion was accidental, and I was immediately fascinated by its antique beauty and the variegated tone. Currently, I own a button type model called "Riviera" of Hohner.
    In the past, accordions were played in ceremonial occasions. Accordions have always appealed to people when their feeling moves, providing the expressions of joy in some occasions and the words of comfort in others. There was no barrier between players and audience.

    It has not been long since I started playing the accordion, and I cannot play it up to my satisfaction. However, if there is someone who would perform something with me, together we can achieve something interesting and exciting. Accordions have the depth that we can empathize with each other regardless of our positions. I would appreciate if someone would offer me such opportunities. If someone wishes me to, I would be happy to take my accordion and play, not only in the concert hall, but also on the street, in the woods or field, and so on.