Ryota Hiramatsu is a Japanese composer and pianist. He graduated from Department of Composition at Tokyo College of Music. Hiramatsu started composing various musical pieces during his college years, including commissioned musical works for a film, dinner show and percussion ensemble. Until now, he has collaborated and co-starred with Kazumasa Hashimoto, Seigen Tokuzawa, Ryo Sakagami, and Ayako Takato. In addition, he participated in the album of Smooth Ace as the pianist.

In 2011, Hiramatsu released the album "June 8" as Miyama x Hiramatsu. In March 2012, he organized the performance (S)HE and co-starred with dancer Yoko Niwa.
In the following October, he played piano in the TV advertisement for Canon's camera "PowerShot S110".In early 2013, he performed live painting with painter Chihiro Koshi as a part of the "Keidai art" at a temple in Obuse City, as well as a part of the "T-shirt art" on a seashore in Kesennuma City. In June 2013, he hosted the performance “Straight”, which was a combination of photographs and sounds, collaborating with photographer Satoko Maeda living in Otari-mura, Nagano Pref.

In 2014, Hiramatsu released the album "1". In 2015, he released the album "2", dedicating it to John Crank who is the art director of Stuttgart Ballet. In 2016, he hosted the perfromance "One Hour Poetry" with poet Go Uchida and cellist Asaka Igarashi. In March 2017, he released the album "3", getting inspiration from William Wordworth. In the following July, he joined the concert "Drawing of Blue" performed with Kaii Higashiyama's Japanese-style paintings as the motif at Shinano Art Museum.

In addition, Hiramatsu participated in the performances organized by Real & True, performing the opening acts for Keith Tippett from the UK, Ulrike Haage from Germany, Splashgirl from Norway, and Eple Trio. He also performed in the improvisation session with Eric Schaefer.